Dr. Terry Richard

While at UALR, he has published and presented a variety of articles on topics such as thanatology; race and ethnic relations; teaching sociology; and third world development trends. Trevino-Richard also served in administration leadership roles including Chairperson of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Coordinator of the Gerontology Graduate Program. He received numerous awards and honors as a professor including the UALR 2012 Faculty Professor of the Year Award voted on by the student body.

Trevino-Richard has also served the community through numerous volunteer leadership roles but it is his service to the Hispanic community that establishes his humanitarian work as truly exceptional. He is a charter member of the League of United American Citizens (LULAC) Council 750 and has been a state and national leader for the nation’s largest and oldest Hispanic organization. As current JCA Board Member Miguel Lopez says of Trevino-Richard, “He has been a ray of hope for thousands of Hispanic students in Arkansas for many years…he made it his mission to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for first-generation immigrant students.

Not only did he fundraise, but he also served as a mentor for these students, most of which have parents that never finished school in their native countries. He stepped in to help them navigate the admissions process, find the funding, and stay on them to make sure they kept their grades up and eventually graduated…through his work with LULAC, Dr. Trevino-Richard embodies the work of JCA. He saw a social justice problem and does not shy away from it. He gave hope to students who were beginning to lose it, he gave strength to students weakened by an immigration system rigged against them, but most of all, he fought with them when others would not.”

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