Father Josep H. Biltz Awards

About Father Joseph H. Biltz

Father Joe was called “a prophet, the conscience of the community, loving, caring, and joyful.” Biltz was a passionate leader for peace and justice, and his actions often sparked controversy. He worked with an array of people on many issues, including the poor and the elderly, for the repeal of the death penalty and the reduction of nuclear arms. He was chair of the Urban League and a member of the Arkansas Peace Center. His commitment to social justice inspired all who knew him.

For 30 years, the Gathering of Friends event presented the Father Joseph H. Biltz Award to the following outstanding individuals and groups who work for social change in Arkansas.

Biltz Awardees Over the Years

1987 – Henry Tuck

1988 – Rev. Hezekiah Stewart

1989 – Dr. Raymond V. Biondo

1990 – Accept No Boundaries Founders, LR Central HS

1991 – Brownie Ledbetter

1992 – Ourtown Founders

1992 – Jane Mendel

1994 – Freddie Nixon

1995 – Mimi Dortch

1996 – Anytown Founders

1997 – Elizabeth Eckford & Hazel Bryan Massery

1998 – Irene Gatson Samuel

1999 – Elijah Coleman & Grainger Williams

2000 – Senator Jim Argue & Imam Johnny Aleem Hasan

2001 – Members of The Panel of American Women

2002 – LaVerne D. Feaster & Willie D. “Bill”

Col. Dutch Dorsch (Ret.) & Rev. William H. Robinson, Jr.

2004 – Annie Abrams, Bishop Kenneth Hicks & Nina

2005 – Dr. Betty Lowe, Bishop Larry Maze & John Walker

2006 – Rev. Stephen Copley, Sister Catherine Markey,
Albert J. Porter

2007 – Dr. K.S. “Sunny” Anand, Jean Gordon,
Sanford Tollette, IV

2009 – Rev. Wendell Griffen, Ted Holder, Rev. Ed Matthews

2010 – Gerald Cound, Beverly Divers-White, Ph.D., Pat Lile

2011 – Joyce Hardy, Freeman McKindra Sr., Grif Stockley

2012 – Anna Cox, Rev. Logan Hampton, Susan May

2013 – Dr. Estella Morris, Renie Rule, Dr. Billy Thomas

2014 – The Interfaith Group, Deborah Robinson Bell,
William A. Waddell, Jr.

2015 – Collins Kilgore, Kareem Moody, Kathy Ransom

Garbo Hearne, Muriel Lederman, Scott Tanner