Humanitarian Awards

Since 1964, the Humanitarian Award Celebration has honored one or more individuals who have demonstrated a significant commitment to building inclusive communities.

2021 Humanitarian Awardee

Rosanne Cash

When it comes to Rosanne Cash, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin when describing this dynamic human being. 

Obviously, when speaking of Cash, her music career would be the first thing that comes to mind. And it’s no wonder—with 15 studio albums, 21 chart-topping Country hit songs, along with four Grammy Award wins as well as eleven Grammy nominations and one SAG/AFTRA Lifetime Achievement Award for Sound Recordings.

2019 Humanitarian Awardees

Ruth Coker Burks

Ruth Coker Burks is an unlikely advocate for people with AIDS/HIV. A single mom with no background in the medical field, Ruth became involved in the AIDS/HIV crisis while visiting a friend at the University of Arkansas Medical Center in 1984.

Since then, she has spent over 30 years caring for people who were abandoned by their families and neglected by medical professionals. In the darkest hour of the AIDS epidemic, Ruth, an Arkansas native, cared for over 1,000 dying people, many of them gay men who had been abandoned by their families…

Dr. Patricia L. Griffen

Dr. Patricia L. Griffen is a clinical psychologist as well as the CEO and founder of Clinical Psychology Services. She received a BA in Psychology from Ouachita Baptist University and graduated magna cum laude.

Dr. Griffen was the first African American to receive a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arkansas and was a Ford Fellow. Upon completion of the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Griffen joined the University of Arkansas Department of Psychology faculty.

Mr. Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones presently serves as LiveRamp’s chief legal and ethics officer and executive vice president.

He is also a member of the executive committee and he is responsible for the legal and privacy teams, leads the strategy and execution of mergers and alliances, and assists in other strategic initiatives.

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