Cultural Assessments

JCA’s assessment is both data-driven and based on best practices to create the most effective and relevant assessment process for our clients.

Preparing the Team –

JCA will seek to determine the beliefs and mindsets that need to shift in order to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Creating Safe Spaces –

To address concerns, fears, and social trauma, as well as hopes, opportunities, and aspirations regarding DEI initiatives in the workplace.

Analyzing the Data –

We’ll collect all the data we’ve gathered through the surveys, meetings, as well as individual and group listening sessions. Using our training and experience, we will gather it all together and create a specialized recommendation based on our findings for your organization’s specific needs.

Reporting the findings –

When it’s time, we will set up a meeting for the whole organization to hear our findings and recommendations. In addition, we’ll provide you with written cultural assessment results and an overview of the next steps.

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