JCA provides professional development experiences designed to bring your team out of their comfort zone to promote a more
inclusive environment for all involved.


Providing unique insight into how communication and accountability play a significant role in an organization’s culture, team members will learn equity and inclusion concepts and put those tools to use to stop discriminatory behaviors.

Implicit bias and its everyday Impact –

Implicit bias is when we believe a stereotype or have a certain association with different people without even realizing it. This workshop brings those biases out in the open to bring them to your team’s attention while creating a more inclusive and productive environment.

Co-Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace –

We start with introspection, education, and realization. In this session, a specific focus is placed on building workplaces where our colleagues who identify as LGBTQIA+ feel fully welcomed and respected.

Navigating difficult dialogues –

In today’s increasingly complicated world, it is difficult to know how, when, and who to speak to about potentially controversial topics. This workshop helps to open the dialogue to improve morale, engagement, and productivity.


This session focuses on explaining what an inclusive and equitable culture looks like and how it optimizes your success strategy. We also help participants learn effective tools to prevent and/or stop discriminatory behaviors. This program includes skill development on how individuals and organizations can advance equity through leading inclusive cultures.

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