Our Board

We are proud to recognize and celebrate our volunteer board of directors — community leaders whose strength in diversity, equity, and inclusion is matched by their professional discipline and dedication to the community.

“Just Communities of Arkansas continues to be unwavering in its commitment to transforming communities, large and small, statewide. I support JCA because they are literally boots on the ground – in classrooms, at worksites, at community retreats, and more doing the work it takes to ensure everyone is treated with respect, has a voice, and a sense of belonging.”

~Kenya Eddings,
Owner, Today’s Communique

“I’m excited about partnering with JCA because too many still feel excluded and voiceless. Through communication, understanding, and knowledge, barriers can be broken down that build bridges to acceptance, respect, and dignity. JCA seeks to do the community building that creates a quality of life we can all experience.”

~Arkansasa State Senator Tippi McCullough,
District 33

“Belonging is one of the deepest desires of the human heart. There are too many forces in the world that work to exclude and minimize people, particularly when they are different.

I am part of JCA because I want every single human to know that they belong- that their pain deserves to be seen, and that they matter.

It’s that simple.”

~Dr. SaraTariq,
Associate Professor of Medicine & Assistant Dean or Undergraduate Clinical Education,
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

“I support JCA because our work is creating connections that give me hope for a positive future. Young people who participate in our programs learn critical leadership skills and form relationships beyond the end of the workshops. When we learn about each other through relationships, we can make collective decisions to change for the best!”

~Katie Eisenhower,
Corporate Marketing Communications, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

“It’s more important than ever to ensure that every single person has a welcome place in Arkansas, and I am so excited and proud to be a part of the team leading that work.”

~Arkansas State Senator Clarke Tucker,
District 32

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